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Published: 26th September 2011
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Promotional products are a successful way for businesses to get their company seen by a large amount of prospective customers but there's one difficulty with them, choice. There are quite literally thousands of promotional products that you can have adorned with your company details and distributed to current and future clients and if you're not certain what you want, it can be described as a rather daunting experience.

If you're looking to utilise promotional products as a part of your marketing campaign then you will almost definitely have individual requirements already in mind. Let's have a look at ways you might narrow down the most appropriate choice of promotional items for your specific requirements.


Relevance may sound simple but it's going to come in three alternative ways; relevance to your business, relevance to your marketing strategy and relevance to your audience. In order for your promotional gifts to succeed in driving focused prospects towards your organization, you need to preserve the correct harmony between all three. There's no use in making your promotional products relevant to your promotional strategy and your target audience but not correlate in any way to your organization, for instance, as this is not going to succeed in converting interest in your marketing campaign into conversions.

Your promotional items need to be relevant to all three of these to achieve success. Make them practical items so that your recipients will use them and make the product something that they are going to find interesting. It also needs to be relevant to the themes and ideas used in your marketing strategy and bear your business details in a highly visible style and position so that you can make the link between your promotional campaign and the organization that it's advertising.

Desired Impression

Your selection of promotional products will also depend on the effect that you want them to have on their recipients. Do you need them to push consumers towards your internet site? Do you need them to help to promote a particular promotional campaign? Are they targeted towards esteemed existing and prospective clients? These factors are going to decide how successful your promotional products are set to be.

Along with this you also need to ensure that the promotional products that you use don't go against any other aspects of your brand message. For example, if part of your brand message highlights how eco-friendly and ethical you are, you have to make sure that your promotional gifts are produced from recycled materials and are sourced from an ethical company. Promotional gifts can enhance your marketing campaign but if done without enough attention, they can also contradict an important concept that you're attempting to broadcast to the world.

Promotional products can be an important element of how you promote your organization to the world, but make sure that you consider how you use them in order to get the most success from your promotional products.

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